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In different countries on several continents agricultural projects were carried out using Homa Therapy. Following are some of the results documented by the respective departments of agriculture:

Rejuvenation of soils.

Prevention, control and eradication of plagues and diseases in all crops with short and long vegetative cycles.

rice, corn, wheat, vegetables like tomato, onion, cabbages, cucumber, beans, soy,
potato, fruits like banana, plantain, papaya, cocoa, mango, coconut, orange, lemon,
pineapple, avocado, nuts like peanuts and walnuts, coffee, sesame, cotton, etc.

- Forest trees
- Pastures

Weed control. Homa Therapy controls and eradicates weeds. Crops become superior in quantity, taste, texture, colour and disease resistance. Shelf life is improved.
Homa Technology is cheap and no agrochemicals are required.
Homa improves the health of cattle and no vaccinations are required.
Homa Therapy improves quality and quantity of milk.
Homa beneficially affects earthworms and honeybees and they produce more.

It is necessary to establish Homa seed banks and Homa tree farms to survive.

lf plants are placed in a room where vibrations of Agnihotra pyramid fire are maintained, one subtle enough can actually see growth, communication, etc. Plants receive nutrition from Agnihotra atmosphere, become happy and grow weIl.