A Place for Reiki Education Based on USUI System of Reiki
Reiki Vidya Welcomes You 

Reiki Vidya - A Place for Reiki Education based on USUI System of Reiki, which is A SIMPLE and Natural System of Touch Healing.

This history of USUI system of Reiki comes to you today from your Master as it has come to him or her from the tradition.

At the end of the nineteenth century Dr. Mikao Usui lived in kyoto a town in Japan. He was reported to be a Christian minister and a President of a small University. One of his senior students asked him once, if besides preaching and teaching (he) could demonstrate healing. Not knowing much about this aspect, Dr Usui went to Chicago, USA in search of the answer. He received his doctorate in religious studies alright but no answer to the question posed.

He came back to Japan and visited monasteries till he found one in which he could study the Buddhist scriptures in Japanese. As he could not find the way of healing he learnt Chinese and studied the Chineses translations but still without any success. He then learnt Sanskrit so that he could read the original Buddhist Sutras which were never translated before. Dr. Usui found the formulae - the key of healing. Some kind of enlightenment indeed.

After 21 days on a sacred mountain called Mount Koriama the meaning and the uses of these formula were revealed to him and he received the power of Usui System of Reiki. For the next seven years he worked in beggars camp in Japan and developed the Reiki principals. These are given in this file to you at appropriate places.

Dr. Usui practiced and taught Reiki for many years. When he realized that his life was drawing to a close he recognized Dr. Chujiro Hayashi the Master of Reiki and gave him the charge of keeping the essence of Reiki Teaching intact.

Dr. Hayashi founded a clinic in Tokyo. Open to everyone who wanted to be treated by Reiki or to learn Reiki in order to become a practitioner outside. He left documentation demonstrating that Reiki finds the source of the physical symptoms, fills the body with the energy  needed and restores it to wholeness. In 1935, Mrs. Hawayo Takata - a Japanes American woman - was guided from Hawai to Japan to Dr. Hayashi and Reiki. After experiencing the blessing of Reiki on her own body she learnt and practiced with Dr. Hayashi and in February 1938, she was initiated as a Master of Usui system by Dr. Hayashi. Mrs. Takata returned thereafter to Hawai carrying the gift of Reiki.

Until the end of her life in December 1980 she committed herself totally to Reiki. Through her and the Reiki Masters initiated by her, Reiki became known to world.

Although Reiki is a Spiritual Healing Art, it is not associated with any one belief system or doctrine, organized or otherwise.

The history of Reiki has thus reached you and you have become the part of the whole tradition of Usui System of Reiki healing. Let the Journey now start in your life.